Cron Jobs Failure Notifications and Cron Job Error Logs in Odoo

Cron Jobs Logs and Email Notification

Main Features:

  • This module will send mail if got any error in Cron jobs running in backend server.
  • Add mail history of the cron job if any cron job has got any Exception.
  • Help to watch on cron jobs running on your Odoo server and if any of cron jobs get fail then it will send an email, so that responsibles can review and take action to fix that or ask technical team to work on that. This will work only for cron jobs in your odoo for failure and error case.
  • Notify followers that cron job failed during execution and then they can see Cron Failure History in chatter and email.

Manu Items:

  • Settings
    • Technical
      • Automation
        • Cron Failure History

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