CRM Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Customer SLA for CRM Pipelines in Odoo

CRM Pipelines SLA and Deadline and SLA Time Logs

This app allows your Sales / CRM team to manage SLA (Service Level Agreements) on Pipeline / Leads based on customer SLA. Basically it provides a feature to allow you to run your Pipelines of a crm based on Service level agreements with your customer.

Main Features:

  • Allow your sales team to create and manage SLA Levels under configuration.
  • Allow your sales team to create and manage service level agreements under configuration.
  • Allow your team to create and manage SLA categories under configuration.
  • Sales / CRM teams of Odoo Standard.
  • Systems create SLA time logs when users move Leads/Pipelines/Opportunity from one stage to another stage based on service level agreements setup.
  • Allow your team to set SLA level on the customer form which will be used to compute the deadline while creating Leads/Pipelines/Opportunity for that customer based on service level agreements with your customer.
  • Allow your CRM user to set priority of Pipelines on Leads/Pipelines/Opportunity form.
  • Requested date will be set automatically as the current date but you still can change it and based on that requested date, the system will compute the deadline using SLA level for that customer.
  • SLA time logs will give you details by stages about time the user has spent for that stage based on service level agreements setup and it also show delays if any on working for that stage for that task.
  • This app will help you to manage deadlines of Pipelines based on SLA with your customer and also make SLA logs based on stages of Pipelines of the Leads/Pipelines/Opportunity.

Menus Avalible:
  • CRM
    • SLA
      • SLA Deadline Levels
      • Service Level Agreements
      • SLA Category
    • Reporting
      • SLA Analysis

Edition Compatibility:

Enterprise Community

CRM Menu (Odoo Standard)

SLA Deadline Levels - List View

Configuration: CRM/SLA/SLA Deadline Levels

Manager can configure multiple levels for SLA and which will be set on customer form and based on that task will be having its deadline for SLA deadline date.

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