Courier History Record Keeping

Send and Receive Courier Record Keeping

Courier Record Keeping Odoo App

This app allows you to manage history record keeping for couriers which you send from your company/factory/industry/shop/etc and which you received into your company/factory/industry/shop/etc.

Main Features:
  • Allow your Internal users / Employees to create and confirm to send courier requests to the courier department.
  • After receiving a request for sending courier from employee , Courier Officer can fill up other details related to courier and contact courier company (manually by phone/email/chatter email).
  • Courier Officer can then Approve / Reject send courier requests and also create courier expense related purchase order.
  • Allow you to print a PDF report on send a courier request and receive courier request.
  • Courier Officers / Manager can fill up other details related to courier requests.
  • Important Note: This app is NOT made for courier companies.
  • Same time app will allow you to manage couriers which you receive from outside partners/contacts/customers/vendors/

Menus Available:

  • Courier
    • Courier Requests
      • Send Courier Requests
      • Receive Courier Requests
    • Configuration
      • Courier Tags
      • Courier Categories
      • Courier Container Item Categories
      • Courier Stages


    Send Courier Request Flow:
  • Internal User / Employee (Joel Williams) can see, create and confirm courier requests for his/her department.
  • Courier Officer (Mitchell George) can view and manage all courier requests from different employees in the organization.
  • Courier Officer (Mitchell George) can fill up other details related to courier like courier details, courier summary, size, height, width as shown below.
  • Courier Officer (Mitchell George) creates courier expenses for that courier using the purchase order of the courier company so that they can track expenses of courier.
  • The Courier Officer (Mitchell George) can view all the expenses purchases orders using a smart button.
  • Courier manager can create and manage courier stages , Courier Tags , Courier Categories and Courier Container Item Categories.
  • Print PDF report of send courier requests.
    Receive Courier Request Flow:
  • Courier Officers (Mitchell George) can create and manage receive couriers from outside customers/vendors/partners etc.
  • Courier Officers (Mitchell George) can send courier to the respected department for which courier has been received.
  • Allow them to track and record all the courier received from outside and allow them to pass it to the respected employee department.
  • Print PDF report of receive courier requests.

List of Sample Users we have used in demostrate on below screens and Video:

  • Internal User / Employee ==> Joel Williams
    Courier Officer ==> Mitchell George
    Courier Manager/Administrator ==> Mitchell George

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