Construction Management

Construction Management of Construction Projects and Job Orders / Work Orders Management Odoo Module

This module provide features to manage Construction Business / Industry.

Main Features

  • Allow your Project Managers to create construction projects.
  • Allow your Project Manager / User to create Job Order / Work Order / Task for construction projects.
  • Allow you to specify Construction Site Details on Construction Project (Construction Type and Location Details).
  • Notes smart button on Project so you can see the specific construction project related notes.
  • Project User(s) / Worker / User work on construction project Job orders / Work orders assigned to them.
  • Project Manager can create sub tasks on Job orders / Work orders and see the subtasks tab on Job orders / Work orders / Tasks.
  • Added Material Planning Tab to plan material for specific Job orders / Work orders and products before starting job or during running Job orders / Work orders and they can request for that.
  • Added Material Consumed Tab on Job orders / Work orders related to see what material and product are needed for construction projects / Jobs.
  • Material Requisition Tab shows the Material Requisition Details on Job orders / Work orders.
  • Stock Moves Tab shows the Stock Moves Details on Job orders / Work orders.
  • Project Manager can Create Notes for Project and Job orders / Work orders / Tasks.
  • Material Requisitions / BOQ can view the Material Purchase Requisitions.
  • Allow you to specify BOQ Type on Product or Materials or Item.
  • Contractor details show on the Contractor Menu.
  • Configure the construction stages for different construction projects and job order.
  • New groups are created on top of project users and project manager roles. For example, a Planning Engineer is Project user and Design Manager can be project manager. Please check the screenshot of groups added.
  • Print PDF Report for Job orders / Work orders Details.
  • Print PDF Report for Project Notes Details.
  • Print PDF Report for Construction Project Details.

Menus Available:

    • Construction
      • Construction
        • Projects
        • Notes
      • Materials / BOQ
        • Material Requisitions / BOQ
        • Materials
      • Job Orders
        • Job Orders
        • Notes
      • Vendors
        • Contractors
      • Configuration
        • Stages

PDF Reports:

  • Notes
  • Project Report
  • Task Report

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  • For more details you can see below screenshots or watch video in live preview section/button.

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