Change Order in Job Contracting and Construction

Change Order Management in Odoo Construction Projects and Job Orders

This app allows your project team to manage change orders in Job Costing and Job Contracting and Construction Projects.

Main Features:

  • Allow Project / Site / Sales Users to create change order requests.
  • Approval Workflow : Draft -> Confirm -> Approve -> Customer Approve -> Done -> Create Quotation.
  • Change Order can be Approved by Project Managers.
  • Allow you to print change orders in PDF and Send to your customer for and store it on open chatter on request form.
  • Allow you to create sales quotations directly from the change order form.
  • Integrated with the Sales App as we are allowed to create sales quotes created from change order.
  • Change order link smart button on Project, Job Orders and Customer form as shown.
  • For more details about job costing you can see the dependent app.

Menus Available:

  • Jobs
    • Change Orders
      • Change Orders

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