Restrict Access to Settings for Update / Change Values.

View on Settings Show to Restricted Settings Users.

Settings Locked / Readonly for Some Admin Settings Users

This application will restrict access to settings to settings admin users when the "Only Allow View Settings" group is enabled on their user form. That means they can not edit any settings but only view it.

Main Features:

  • This app restricts access to settings, allowing only admin users to view settings in both the general settings view and all other apps' settings view. So General settings and all settings of other apps like sales settings, purchase settings, accounting settings, etc. will be locked for view-only rights admin settings users.
  • If the "Only Allow View Settings" group is enabled then the settings admin user will only be able to view settings. If View only group is not ticked for settings admin then they can do operations as usual given by Odoo.
  • Admin users will have restricted editing privileges in both the general settings view and any app settings view. However, they will retain the ability to invite users in the general settings and access all hyperlinks in the settings of the app. That means they can click on hyperlinks which are available in the settings form and also invite users feature.

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