Tailor Management in Odoo

Tailor Shop / Tailor Business Module in Odoo

Clothes Tailor System in Odoo

This app allows you to manage tailor business or tailor shop in Odoo by using below listed features as per screenshots.

Main Features:

  • Allow you to create your custom stages under configuration to manage your tailor request from customers.
  • Allow you to create cloth types under configuration which can be used during measurement of customer clothes and tailor requests.
  • Allow you to record customer measurements of clothes one time and you can use it on cloth requests every time when a customer asks you to make cloth.
  • Allow you to create tailor requests for customers and show measurements of that customer cloth type.
  • Cloth measurement history for customers to store in the system.
  • Allow you to print tailor requests and customer measurement reports.
  • You can also update measurements directly on request.
  • Allow you to create sales quotations from cloth requests and also allow you to create project tasks from request.
  • Allow your customers to view tailor requests and measurements in the portal my account of your website.
  • Allow you to create a tailor request from CRM Opportunity form which will link CRM with Tailor Application.
  • Two new groups (Tailor User and Manager) are introduced for the Tailor application which you can find on User form.

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