Chart of Account (COA) Maintenance Request Form

Change Request Management for Chart of Account Odoo

COA Account Maintenance Request Form

This Odoo app allows you to make maintenance requests for charts of accounts change requests.

Main Features
  • Allow your accounting team to make a Maintenance request for a chart of accounts.
  • Three types of Maintenance requests can be created. 1. Add a new account. 2. Modify Existing Account. 3. Inactive Account. It does not automatically update your accounts. That process you will have to do manually.
  • All approvers must be in the accountant group.

Menus Available:

  • Invoicing
    • Accounting
      • COA Maintenance Requests
Sample Testing Users
  • Account User ===> Jackson Furniture
  • Director User ==> Marc Demo
  • Department User ==>Muhammad Inc
  • Account Manager ==> William Fox

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