General Change Request Process Management

Change Request in Odoo

Employee Change Request to Manager

Internal Change Request and Request Process in Odoo

This app allows your internal users / employees to request for any change they want to request to any other employee / users and request manager.

Main Features:
  • This module is made by considering generic change requests for every document / application in the system. Employee/User of system can change requests to any Employee/User of system.
  • Odoo chatter can be extensively used for communication between internal users.
  • New security group has been added with the name "Change Request Manager" which has access to all requests in the system. Employees can access requests made by them or requests made to them as responsible.
  • Change Request with New Change Request, Confirmed Change Request, Processed Change Request Menus.
  • Click on New Change Requests Menu to open a new state change request.
  • Click on Confirmed Change Requests Menu to open Confirmed state change request.
  • Click on the Processed Change Requests Menu to open the Processed state change request.
  • Click on the All Change Requests Menu to open the All state change request.
  • To Open New Change Request with change request manager.
  • For more details please see video on live preview and below Screenshots.

Available Menus

  • Change Request
    • Change Request Process
      • New Change Requests
      • Confirmed Change Requests
      • Processed Change Requests
      • All Change Requests
Change Request Management Process by Employees/Users - Sample Users
    1. Internal User - James Smith
    2. Request Responsible - Peter Parker


  • New -> Confirm -> Processed

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