Job Inspection for Car Repair Requests

Car Repair Job Inspection Process - Odoo App

This app allows you to have a job inspection feature on your car repair request for a car repair app.
Your team can create job inspection requests for car repair requests.
They can create job inspection for car for various inspections which will be handle by job inspection team. So when you get any car repair request your team can make inspection request for that car.

Main Features:

  • Allow your team to create a car repair inspection and process it with inspection results as shown below.
  • Allow your manager to set up the inspection result, inspection value and inspection type as configuration.
  • Allow you to print the car repair inspection report in pdf format.

Available Menus:

  • Car Repair
    • Inspections
      • Car Repair Inspections
    • Configuration
      • Inspection Values
      • Inspection Results
      • Inspection Types

Sample Demo Users for Below Screenshots Flow:

  • Car Repair Inspection User -- Joel Willis
  • Car Repair Inspection Manager -- Mitchell Jhon

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