Calendar Meeting Lock/Unlock and Menus

Meeting Management by Organizer and Meeting Manager

This app adds four menus in the calendar app which will separate meetings and make it easy to view/organize meetings: 1. Meetings as My Meetings as Organizer, 2. My Meetings as Meeting Manager, 3. My Meetings as Attendee & 4. All Meetings.

Main Features:

  • Calendar Meeting Access :
  • Organizer: Users can check meetings as set as an organizer on Meetings.
  • Meeting Manager: Users can check meetings as set as a Meeting Manager on Meetings.
  • Attendee: Users can check meetings as set as an Attendee on Meetings.
  • Meetings Locked & Unlocked by only Organizer or Meeting Manager as shown and then other users can not edit it.
  • Meetings can be deleted only by the Organizer or Meeting Manager.

Menus Available:

  • Calendar
    • Meetings
      • My Meetings as Organizer
      • My Meetings as Meeting Manager
      • My Meetings as Attendee
      • All Meetings

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