Project Task on Attendance Screen for Selection

Select Task on Manual Attendance Screen Odoo App

This app allows your employee to select a task who has access to the project and task on the manual check-in screen of Odoo standard as shown in the below screenshot. So an employee/internal user who has project access and working on a project can select the task on the manual attendance check-in screen of the odoo standard feature as shown below during the check-in screen.

Main Features:

  • Allow employees to select a task on the attendance check-in screen of odoo standard.
  • The task is visible/listed based on project access to the logged-in employees.
  • Allow selecting on the attendance screen during check-in so your employee can choose which task they are going to work on.
  • After selecting a task once the user presses the check-in confirm button of odoo standards the task will be stored on the attendance record as shown.
  • Please note that the project and task selection option is NOT available for the kiosk mode of attendance view.
  • This app extends the feature of adding a task also along with a project on the check-in screen of attendance.

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