Asset MRO Equipment Maintenance Management App

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)

Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO)

MRO Equipment and Maintenance Request Management Odoo

Material Requisition for Equipment Maintenance Request

Job Order for Equipment Maintenance Request

This app allows you to create "Material Requisition" and "Job Order / Work Order" from the maintenance request form.

It also allows you to configure planning of materials and checklists on equipment form which are going to be used while creating "Maintenance Requests" for Equipment.

Main Features:

  • Allow Equipment/Maintenance Manager to create a checklist(s) in equipment configuration and checklists will be used during maintenance requests and processes.
  • Allow you to configure materials/items which are going to be consumed during maintenance requests for equipment.
  • Allow you to configure the checklist(s) which will be used in maintenance requests on the equipment form.
  • Checklist(s) and planned material(s) on maintenance request comes from Equipment when you save record on time of creation.
  • Allow you to create a job order from maintenance requests. Please see the dependent app for more details.
  • Allow you to create material requisition requests. For more details about dependent app for more details.
  • Modified Odoo Standard maintenance PDF report to show checklist(s) and planned material(s).

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