Show Amount in Other Currency in Analytic Entries

Amount in Other Currency on Analytic Items in Odoo

This app adds fields for amounts in other currency and other currency on Analytic Entries / Items when analytic entries generated from documents which would have different currency.

Main Features:

  • System adds Other Amount Currency and Other currency on analytic entries / analytic items of analytic account.
  • If analytic entries have been created from documents which belong to currency other than company currency and then analytic entries will also show other currency amounts.
  • This app add two fields on analytic items:
  • Amount Other Currency
  • Other Currency
  • For example: If you are creating a vendor bill with currency other than company currency and selecting an analytic account on the vendor bill and validating it then the odoo standard creates analytic entries, so in such case our app also shows other currency amounts too.
  • This will help you to do analysis and reporting of analytic items with other currency and its amount.
  • Note that if analytic items are created from document where only company currency been used then amount other currency will not appear and will keep empty in such cases.

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