Agriculture Crop with Crop Insurance Management

Insurance Management of Crop Odoo App

This app allows you to manage Insurance for your crops. You can create insurance for crops by filling out forms as shown in the screenshot below and it also allows you to give insurance details for that crop insurance.

Main Features:
  • Agriculture/Configuration/Settings menu : Insurance Expiry Reminder Days. You are allowed to set reminder days before getting an expiry renewal of insurance of a crop so responsible people will get notified based on these settings.
  • Agriculture/Crop Insurances : Create Insurance for Crop by filling insurance forms with insurance related details as shown in screenshot below.
  • Agriculture/Configuration/Insurance Claim Stages : Insurance Claim Stages creation and setup.
  • Agriculture/Configuration/Crop Insurance Type : Insurances Type for Crop setup.
  • Agriculture/Configuration/Crop Insurance Property : Insurance property for Crop setup.
  • Settings/Technical/Scheduled Actions : Crop Insurance Policy Expire Reminder Service.
  • Settings/Technical/Emails : Emails
  • Renewal of your crop insurance by creating renewal insurance from the button on the insurance form.
  • Agriculture/Crop Insurances : Print PDF - Crop Insurance Report.
  • Agriculture/Crop Insurance Claims : Print PDF - Crop Insurance Claims Report.

Menu Items Available:

  • Agriculture
    • Crops
      • Crop Insurance Claims
    • Crop Insurances
    • Configuration
      • Settings
      • Insurance Claim Stages
      • Crop Insurance Type
      • Crop Insurance Property

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