Administrator Users Password Change with Secure PIN

Admin Users Password Changes Control with PIN Odoo

Admin Password Security using PIN

Secure PIN to Allow Admin Users Password Change in Backend

This app allows your admin users to set a secure PIN on user form and using that PIN they can change password. That means it restricts changing passwords of admins users for each other.

Main Features:

  • Allow your Admin user(s) to set secure PIN on user form.
  • Users / Persons who know the PIN can only change Admin Password using the Odoo standard password change wizard.
  • For normal users (who are not Admin’s) does not apply PIN so for normal users all Admin’s can change the password without entering PIN since PIN is not required for normal users.
  • Secure PIN for Admins also applicable to when someone try to change password from the list view of users.
  • Idea behind this app building is to restrict password changes by Admin’s internally since without PIN (PIN can be set on User form that means all admins users have separate PIN), they can not change password in backend without entering correct PIN.

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