Print Account Cash Flow Statement

Account Cash Flow Statement in Odoo - Only for Odoo Community Edition

Main Features:

- This module allow you to print Cash Flow Statement.
- This module is only compatible for Odoo COMMUNITY edition.
- For your existing chart of accounts you have to setup above configuration by going to every accounts which should be included on Cash Flow Statement and in future if you add new account in your chart of accounts you have to set up same things.
- This report is totally based on accounts you configured for Cash Flow Statement using two above new fields on account form. All accounts configured for Cash Flow will be automatically add up on respected Financial Report selected on that account. For more details please check screenshots and video.


Configure your chart of accounts with two fields:

  • Cash Flow Type
  • Financial Report
Cash Flow Type Options:
  • Operating Activities
  • Investing Activities
  • Financial Activities
Financial Report Options: You have select Financial Report here which will push account to that Financial Report.

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